* base mari with music box *
- Maris are 12cm(4.75inches) in Diameter.
- These maris have music boxes inside with a pull-string extending through the mari base. Pull the string for the music box to play.
- Remember you need to wrap and stitch around the string when you make the temari.
- You can click on the links to hear music samples. The first time it's played it may not be smooth but will correct itself after that. (this requires the Quick Time PlugIn, and may take time to download depending on your internet connection.)
"Please be careful with music box; Take care against the pull string becoming tangled. Before wrapping/stitching on music box mari, carefully assemble according to instructions included with mari. Musical maris are not warranted by either the manufacturer or seller for replacement or refund in case of malfunction."
*************** This item stopped manufacuturing. So only availlabe stocks left in wholesalers. It may not be covered all orders. I will let you know and refund when your order wouldn't accept.
** When you click "check tune" button for the next,
small window will hide the back of main page.

** Sometimes each tune will take a time to download.
Please wait for a while even you will see only black square.
It is still downloading..
number item No. price

mb10 2,200

Silver Bells
mb14 2,200

Jingle Bells
mb15 2,200

Silent Night
mb16 2,200

Santa Clauses is coming to town
mb17 2,200 out of stock