>March 14, 2018: Two used books(Furusato no temari, Cosmo 2) are on sale.
>October 25,2017: I could not believer it. But I completely forgot to upload the photo book , JTA gathering, 2015. Only temari photos which JTA head office hold. It is on the sotre, book page5.
>October 25, 2017: Added 6 new colors of
Orizuru silk thread.
>October 25, 2017: Added some Asian knots and tassels on the accessories page 3 and 4. Every knots and tassels are attached with temari charm.

>May 25, 2017:
Finally Tekahara sensei's new book is available on page 5 of book in store.
>May 25, 2017:
Orizuru silk temari thread is in store. It's only 30 colors but you will see the very best color range.
>May 25, 2017:
Chiyotemari ito is in a store. It's only available a full set of color in a box. For card purchasing, please ask.
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